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growler_brownBent Wrench - Candied Pecan Brown AleBrown Ale - English6.5A dark, earthy English Brown Ale with a strong vanilla and cinnamon nose and maple pecan finish.2017Untappd
growler_brownBent Wrench - Rosemary Brown AleBrown Ale - English6.3Super dark and malty brown ale with a earthy bitterness and a hint of fresh rosemary.Untappd
growler_blackBlack Me OutSchwartzbier5.2German style schwarzbier fermented with blackberries.Untappd
growler_purpleCavatappi PilsGrape Ale - Italian5.9Pilsner and caramel malts, hops that span from fruity to spicy, and Californian pinot noir grape must combine to make a dry, fruity pilsner.Untappd
growler_yellowCrescent WrenchFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.9Light, Belgian style saisonUntappd
growler_roseCrescent Wrench - RoseFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.5Our light, effervescent saison with the addition of rose hips, hibiscus, and raspberry, giving it a pale pink color and a slight sweetness that balances well with the dry saison.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowDual Sport IPAIPA - West Coast8MidSouth meets West Coast IPA. A blend of Cascade, Centennial, Medusa, and CTZ hops creating a strong, hoppy bitterness that is balanced well with the fruit of the Medusa hops and citrusy notes created in fermentation.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowHalfway Level HefeWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.5A light, estery Hefe with just a touch of honey malt to give it a nice sweetness.Untappd
growler_bloodorangeHalfway Level Hefe - Blood OrangeWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.5Our light, yet malty Hefeweizen with the addition of blood oranges.Untappd
growler_Bright_yellow_cubanHalfway Level Hefe - Sweet Plantain StyleWheat Beer - Hefeweizen7Fermented slightly higher with additions of brown sugar, caramel, vanilla and cinnamon. The banana is all up in your face with this nice spin.Untappd
growler_bloodorangeHalfway Level Hefe - Blood Orange and HabaneroWheat Beer - Hefeweizen7Our light, yet malty Hefeweizen with the addition of blood oranges and habanero infused honey. A little bit of dry sweet with that heat!Untappd
growler_brownHappy Little ToolboxPorter - Imperial/Double8A heavy caramelized base, strong dark malts, and a mixture of citrus and strong bittering hops have created a high-octane, well-balanced, and highly enjoyable porter.Untappd
growler_brownHappy Little Toolbox - Ginger Molasses CookiePorter - Imperial/Double9.9Our base HLT with candied ginger, molasses, Vietnamese cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla beans, and allspice.Untappd
growler_brownHappy Little Toolbox - Salted Caramel and Toasted CoconutPorter - Imperial/Double8Happy Little Toolbox is an easy drinking 8% imperial porter with a light roast and subtle hoppiness. Aged on toasted coconut and salted caramel, this variant will leave that little bite on your tongue from the salt while the hint of tropical toasted coconut makes this toolbox just a little bit happier.Untappd
growler_orangeLeft-Handed ScrewdriverWheat Beer - American Pale Wheat4.5A honey wheat brewed with sweet orange peel, coriander, and wild flower honey.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowMane Bearing CFRIPA - West Coast/Foggy7“Foggy” West Coast style IPA brewed with Magnum, Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic, then dry hopped with Cashmere, Falconer’s Flight 7C’s, and Rakau hops.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowMane Bearing NCMIPA - West Coast/Foggy7“Foggy” West Coast style IPA brewed with Magnum, Amarillo, Citra, and Mosaic, then dry hopped with Nectaron, Citra, and Medusa hops.Untappd
growler_dk_greenPogmahoneStout - Irish Dry4.6The definition of Irish: Smooth and sexy with a bit of a bite you just love to entertain. This stout has a touch of peat smoke to bring out that whiskey bite and a blend of hops that compliment the malt perfectly. And where did we get the name? It's a phonetic pronunciation of a common Irish Gaelic phrase that lets you know what you think when you don't like their beer! Sláinte!Untappd
growler_orangePulpitationsIPA - New England/Hazy6.2Strong citrus, mango, and stonefruit aroma with a great body and slight biterness.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowRatchet DownCream Ale4.9Pale straw yellow with the hint of dry honey sweetness. Effervescent, clean, crisp, and light bodied, Ratchet Down is the quintessential "lawnmower" beer.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowRatchet Down - Coffee and Cream AleCream Ale5.5Our light and easy drinking Ratchet Down Cream Ale with the addition of our JB Brooks MFS Brewers Blend cold brewed during secondary and extract from Madagascar vanilla beans added during conditioning.Untappd
growler_blueRatchet Down - Honeysuckle BlueCream Ale5.6Our Ratchet Down cream ale with orange blossom honey and honeysuckle flavor combined with blueberries in secondary.Untappd
growler_blackRe-Spec'd : Peanut Butter and Jelly Pastry StoutStout - Imperial/Pastry10Imperial pastry stout with a two and a half hour boil and a ton of malt to bring out this sticky sweet Imperial Pastry Stout that'll stick to your ribs like a PB&J to the roof of your mouth. Ten pounds of strawberry to every half barrel, peanut butter, lactose, and a kick in the ass. This beer deserves the Re-spec'd it demands.Untappd
growler_blackRe-Spec'd : Salted Caramel Latte Pastry StoutStout - Imperial/Pastry11.5The biggest of our beers so far, Re-spec'd is rich, dark, and heavy on the flavor- all the goodness of that a pastry stout demands. This version adds homemade caramel with pink Himalayan salt and vanilla, heavy caramelized first runnings, lactose, and salted caramel added at kegging.Untappd
growler_blackRe-Spec'd : Pecan Pie a la Mode w/ Coffee PastryStout - Imperial/Pastry8.5Our base pastry stout with pecan, maple, caramel, a blend of vanilla beans, and JBrooks Coffee Roaster’s Brewer’s Blend coffee. The perfect after dinner dessert!Untappd
growler_orangeRoadside Fruitstand - Mango Milkshake IPAIPA - Milkshake7.5What do you get when you take a great hazy IPA, add a touch of vanilla, a healthy helping of lactose, and more mango than you can shake a stick at?Untappd
growler_orangeRoadside Fruitstand - Peach Cobbler a la ModeIPA - Milkshake7.5Hazy IPA? Check. Tons of dry hops. Double check. Mexican and Madagascar vanilla, Vietnamese cinnamon, lactose, and a good ol' Southern helping of peaches? Check, check, check, and oh yeah, a whole lotta check.Untappd
growler_bright_yellowTri-5 PilsPilsner - Italian55 malts, 5 hop additions, and 5% abv - Tri-5 Pils is a light, bright, and mildly hoppy Italian Pilsner.Untappd
growler_blackWithin TolerancesStout - Milk/Sweet5.5Our rich milk stout with hints of chocolate, caramel and coffee notes and a silky sweet finish.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - Coffee Milk StoutStout - Milk/Sweet5.5A rich, malty milk stout made with JBrooks MFS Brewers Blend coffee.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - French Toast and CoffeeStout - Milk/Sweet5.5MFS's Within Tolerances Coffee Milk Stout, brewed with JBrooks MFS Brewer's Roast coffee, specially blended for MFS to bring out chocolate, caramel, and a rich nuttiness that pairs beautifully with the lighter bodied milk stout that is full of flavor. This variant of Within Tolerances includes french toast, drenched in maple syrup with a side of a cup of hot coffee.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - Mocha Latte Milk StoutStout - Milk/Sweet5.5Strong chocolate and coffee notes with a soft mouth feel. Fermented in secondary with cocoa nibs and vanilla with cold brewed J Brooks coffee added at kegging.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - Vanilla Latte Milk StoutStout - Milk/Sweet5.5A deep, rich sweet stout brewed with Earthy UK Fuggle hops and cold steeped chocolate malt. This smooth and silky beer finishes with a handful of Madagascar Vanilla beans and kegged with condensed, cold brewed J Brooks Coffee.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - Blueberry Cake DonutStout - Milk/Sweet5.5Within Tolerances breakfast milk stout with blueberry cake donuts.Untappd
growler_blackWithin Tolerances - Cinnamon Rolls and CoffeeStout - Milk/Sweet5.5Breakfast milk stout with JBrooks MFS Brewer’s roast, vanilla, cinnamon, pecans, and more!Untappd
growler_bright_yellowWorkbench IPA - Ahhroma!IPA - American6.3Collaboration with Glacier Hop Ranch and their proprietary hop, Ahhhroma!, this was poured for a panel at the Craft Beer Conference in Nashville, TN in 2023.2023Untappd
growler_bright_yellowWorkbench IPA - El Dorado and MedusaIPA - American6.5Our base Workbench IPA with El Dorado and Medusa hops. Expect orange rind, citrus, and pomegranate on the nose with a mild tropical flavor and rich bitterness.Untappd
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